Memberships Available

We are getting close enough to the building of our new building that we decided to offer some very special membership prices!

For a limited time, we are offering Lifetime Memberships (Pioneer) and discounted 1 Year Memberships (Founders) to the new facility! We have several price levels for our local businesses, depending on how many employees you have. Each employee will have Full Complex Memberships. Lifetime members will never pay membership again! There are also personal and family memberships available. There will only be 100 Pioneer Members and the Founder Memberships will cut off the day we open the doors. After opening, annual memberships will still be available (at a higher price) as well as day passes and individual activity admission.

Full Complex Memberships Include the Following

✔Free Access to Weight Room/Speed Training/Tanning
✔One Free Personal Trainer Consultation per quarter to evaluate and set up/execute plan
✔Access to the Healthy Choice Concession Stand
✔Waiver of all Gate Fees for Leagues and Tournaments
✔Free Access to Courts and Turf Area if available
✔Discount on all Batting Cage Prices
✔Discount on all Climbing Wall Prices (Free Walk Up When Available)
✔Discount on all Group & Party Rates and free use of classrooms if available
✔Discount on all Physical and Mental Wellness Classes & Personal Trainers
✔Discount on all Showcases, Combines & Camps
✔Discount on “The Scholarship Program”
✔and so much more!!!

Go to the 4 States Sports website and read all about the memberships and sign up from there.

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