College Scholarship

The Resilience Foundation is very excited to announce our first of many scholarships!

4 State Sports, LLC is running a a contest in conjunction with our combines and will be donating a $1,000 scholarship to The Resilience Foundation.

The scholarship will be granted to the person that generates the most referrals to combines between now and the end of 2020. The scholarship will go to the winning student upon their graduation from high school and can be used for reimbursement for any college expenses.

In order to participate, referrals must sign-up and pay in advance for the combine. For each valid referral, the person will receive a “Combine Point”.  The student with the most “Combine Points” by 12/31/2020 will be awarded the scholarship.

The first 2 combines are already scheduled in March and April and will be held year-round going forward. Combines will be for football, volleyball, softball, baseball, girls and boys soccer and girls and boys basketball.

Follow The Resilience Foundation and 4 States Sports on social media and check back here to stay posted on all of the Combines.
Good luck to all!  

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