The Needs of Hurdle Buster Recipients

Below are some answers given on Hurdle Buster Combine Financial Aid applications that we have received over the years. These applications have led to discounts on Exposure Combines, which have led to college scholarships. For obvious reasons, we have kept the applicants anonymous. If you would like to see the full application, please contact us.

My dad passed away unexpectedly last year and my mom has been trying to support us on one income. She works hard to continue and allow me to pursue my love for volleyball but I know she struggles and puts me first before her own needs. This would just ease the burden a little. Thank you.

“I would be so grateful to receive this scholarship because I will be able to afford to attend the combine, where I can display my talents to find a new school. Which will help my family not having to pay for college.”

“I’m the oldest of 7 children the scholarship will help my family financially.”

“So I can expand in life give and me more choices.”

“Just don’t have extra money to justify for this type of expense. Parents both work.”

“My mom is a hard working single mom and I want to help with the financial part of me playing volleyball.”

“My mom is a single mom of 6 and I really want to attend the combine.”

“My goal is to enter college and get the opportunity to play football. I think this combine gives me a chance to show college coaches in my area what my skills are, and what I could potentially bring to their program in the future. I lead my conference in rushing yards and touchdowns this year as an 8th grader and look forward to repeating this upcoming season. I am 5’11” 215 pounds. Financially, the scholarship would be a big help. My mom works really hard to provide for me, and this scholarship would help her be able to pay for me to attend. Thanks for your time.”

“I need this scholarship to attend the softball exposure combine due to financial hardships that my family is experiencing.”

“My mother is a single parent working for the Rockwood school district for low pay as a teacher assistant/para professional.”

“I am a student athlete that has always had some type of seasonal job such as temp(construction/cleaning, etc summer project job), part-time job w/ flexible scheduling hours available for when I am out of school or on breaks so I can provide funding for myself to attend events like combines or camps/clinics….anything I may want to do, so I can help supplement the support that my parents already give me or even pay for it myself. I save $ for club fees, training, lodging, anything additional that may come up so I can provide my own support for travel costs lodging and food independently. I save anything that is left every month and set it back to add to things I may need during college, or after throughout my way.”

“3-sport athlete and involved in things year-round thanks to the support of the most amazing people bringing me into their family adopting me and making me feel like I have a place surrounded by love and support and a very large family and extended family of fostering Network needs but see different faces needing love all the time and send them sometimes to our home to get that support and love I was lucky enough to get to live the rest of my life with my mom and dad and be a part of what they continue to spread towards others with kindness but in a big family being one of eight opportunities are something that we work for every day and try to do as much as we can to help we currently have four other Foster kids that are very young and there is a lot of needs to meet, and things that others want to do as well in my house. Any kind of support to help be able to reach my dreams is appreciated, thank you.”

“My mom is a single parent and this would help her out. Baseball is my passion and to play college baseball is a dream of mine.”

“I live in a single income home and wanting to attend as many exposure camps as possible.”

“My Daughter would love to come to this event, but we live 5 hours away and I’m sure we will have to get a hotel for that Monday night. we just won’t be able to afford it any help would be greatly appreciated. This would be her 1st camp to ever attend.”

“My family is struggling on funds. I would like the exposure for getting out and seeing some schools and what they have to offer”

My family is living off of only my mother’s salary, I have 3 other siblings that are needing colleges, insurance, and cars paid for by my mother also. Getting this scholarship will take a bit of the stress and worries of our expenses. Volleyball is very important to me and I want to do anything I can to reach my goals and follow my passion.

“I am very interested in continuing my baseball career in college. My parents have a combined 6 children and this scholarship would help me have the opportunity to possibly play baseball at the next level.”

I need this scholarship because I feel I have the talent to get better and excel at the next level but don’t have enough money to do that though. I work hard and do my best with the little amount I do have.