Chris Garrett, President

Chris created The Resilience Foundation because he grew up in an environment where he had to be resilient in order to survive. Overcoming mental, physical and sexual abuse as a child, Chris could have taken the path that so many of his friends have done by taking their own lives, but instead, he remained confident that he had a purpose. Since he created The Resilience Foundation, he has had to live up to the name. Between losing two of his daughters to parental alienation and beating Covid, where he was in the ICU for six weeks, fighting for his life, Chris is the poster-child for what Resilience means.

Dawn Garrett, Treasurer

Before joining The Resilience Foundation, Dawn worked for Walmart for 27 years, 26 as a manager. She knows the importance of children getting an opportunity to improve themselves and believes in the Mission of this organization. Dawn volunteers over 100 hours/week in her quest for helping The Resilience Foundation succeed. She showed resilience when her husband, Chris was fighting for his life in the battle against Covid in 2021. She has seen first-hand, by working athletic Exposure Combines, the value of the Hurdle Buster recipients and hopes to continue to grow the program and the facilities on Jay Dr., in Neosho, Missouri.

Sherry Todd, Secretary

Sherry is another example of what resilience stands for. Beating breast cancer was just one of the many hurdles in life she has leaped over to climb the mountains of success as a beloved mother and grandmother.

Joshua Richey, Board Member

A native of El Reno, Oklahoma, Josh played pro football from 2005-08, then returned in 2010 and 2011, playing for teams in California, New York, Washington, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois and Oklahoma. He also went to camp for the Canadian Football League.

Certified speaker, coach, trainer, and author with 15+ years of professional speaking and life coaching experience. Mr. Richey’s background lies in Organizational Leadership, which has granted him the ability to lead teams, businesses, and conduct learning interventions. He is a published author. His self-published book ‘SHUCKS’ has been featured in organizations, schools, juvenile detention centers, group homes, and jails. 

Gretchen Selfridge, Board Member

In 1995, Gretchen Selfridge met the founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Steve Ells.

Fast-forward, and from its humble beginnings at the corner of Evans Avenue and Gilpin Street, the publicly traded burrito empire has grown to over 4,000 restaurants, 100,000 employees and a $41.05 billion market cap. The Denver-based company has redefined fast food. Meanwhile, Selfridge, worked her way to restaurant support officer, the equivalent of co-chief operating officer, the highest-ranking female officer in the company.

Gretchen has since retired and is enjoying her time supporting The Resilience Foundation in so many ways. She believes in the Vision and wants to make a difference in underprivileged children’s lives. As an avid sports lover, she understands the role that athletics plays in the development of children and how success can stem from something as simple as giving somebody a chance.